Binance “experiencing some synchronization issues”, says CEO Changpeng Zhao

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September 12, 2018 by
Binance “experiencing some synchronization issues”, says CEO Changpeng Zhao

Binance Chief Executive Officer Changpeng Zhao on Wednesday notified the exchange’s users concerning the “synchronisation concerns” experienced by the trading system. Nevertheless, he ensured users that the issue will be solved quickly and is too trivial to hinder the typical solutions used by Binance

In the tweet, Zhao explicitly mentioned that some information including orders as well as balance sheets present in the ledger system of the trading system had gone “from sync”. This has disrupted its performance, therefore creating a wave of concern among consumers.

Technical concern not a big deal for Binance.
Clients have actually been dealing with issues while carrying out order updates, withdrawal of funds and also movement of balance. The tweet led numerous users to elevate their worries relating to the problem, though most seemed calmed by the truth that the platform was working on to deal with the problem.

However, the technical concern seems to be truly minor as compared with the latest developments that the trading system has observed in recent days.

On Tuesday, 11th September the crypto exchange along with Malta Stock market entered into a Memorandum of Comprehending [MoU] agreement for launching an electronic exchange for the trading of digital symbols.

Additionally, Zhao had actually recently attested the exchange’s first acquisition – Trust fund Purse, which enables users to work out more control over their digital coins.

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